A Letter From Ray Markow

Dear SBDS customer,

When I started the little pottery studio called Santa Barbara CeramicEveryone would love to not just have a job they enjoy, but in addition a financially rewarding one as well. Resumes Services Review The ability of suitable keywording in obtaining a job can't be underestimated. On the flip side, if you're asking for a job for a restaurant manager, you may be better suited to explore your prior knowledge in the restaurant industry at the summit of your resume. Design in my garage in 1976, I never dreamed that it would grow into Santa Barbara Design Studio, and sell nearly half a billion dollars worth of product over 40 years!

It is an immense pleasure to be part of the wonderful group of artists, employees, suppliers, salespeople and retailers who made this happen. However, as I approach my 65th birthday, I have decided to turn my attention to family and personal pursuits, and will be closing the doors of Santa Barbara Design Studio effective July 15 2015.

Happily, our various licensed giftware lines are still selling like crazy, and the licenses we hold will be transferred to various major giftware companies. You can expect announcements from their respective new licensees this summer.

Thank you so much for your support and for 40 years of amazing times!
Kind Regards,
Ray Markow
Owner, CEO


Starting July 31st 2015 Santa Barbara Design Studio will become;

Santa Barbara Ceramic Design

PO Box 6087
Santa Barbara, CA 93160
(805) 966-3883



Information About The Future Of Our Products

We will continue to update this section as needed. Please note the date of when the product line will be available from outside sources.


Curly Girl will be Curly Girl Design

Effective: 05/01/2015  /  Phone (617) 916-9431 / Email: customerservice@curlygirldesign.com / Website: www.curlygirldesign.com

JKC Studios

Effective: 07/01/2015  /  Phone (800) 341-2350 / Website: www.christianbrands.com


Effective: 07/01/2015  /  Phone (800) 436-3726 / (630) 875-5300 / Email: Enesco

That's All Will be Distributed by CB Gifts, a division of Christian Brands
Effective: 06/15/2015  /  Phone (800) 341-2350 / Website: www.christianbrands.com

Barware Philospher
Effective: 07/01/2015  /  Phone (800) 341-2350 / Website: www.christianbrands.com

Tamara Hensick Designs

Effective: 08/01/2015  /  Phone (310) 392-3700 / Website:  www.tamarahensickdesignsusa.com

All other brands are still in negotiations and will be announced soon